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Feb 2, 2019: Today Was Another Good Day

Today was a good day. Amy is doing so much better. We had a good visit with the radiology doctor this week. She has gained some weight which is much needed to start treatments. I praise God for that. She is doing well with the gaining her strength back.

It is hard to believe that a month has gone by since we first found out that she has brain cancer. I praise God that our kids had a great first week in school at the local Christian school. It was really hard for Amy to transition from a homeschooling mom to sending them off to school. We both missed them during the day.

It was a crash course in getting them ready each morning this week, but it was good. We had lots of help and they love it there.

The doctors at DHMC are so very nice and helpful in going through all of this. Our doctor in Radiology was very understanding and patient to explain how everything is going to work, side effects, what the treatment does, etc..

She will get getting radiation treatments for the next 5 weeks starting in 2 weeks. It is every day, Mon thru Friday. Driving an hour, a one-hour appointment then driving home is going to be a huge challenge on Amy. It will also be a challenge for me to find the time to work with spending half a day at the hospital for the next five weeks. But I know that God has us, we are in His hands and He will carry us through.

There is hope in the future for people that have cancer. There are a couple very promising clinical trials in the works right now. One is at Duke University.
It’s still very early, but the results are very promising for down the road for people with brain cancer.

The other one is out of Israel,

So the goal of radiation treatments at this point is to stop the growth of any cancer cells and hopefully shrink the tumor. Our hope and prayer is that these radiation treatments will stop the growth, shrink the tumor considerably or all the way to extend her life long enough for better treatments down the road and/or a cure. I choose to hope in the possibility that God provides us with the knowledge and technology to beat cancer. Cancer SUCKS!

On a different note, I am so very thankful for everything that people that we know directly and people that we don’t know have given to us. It is all a tremendous blessing. Amy and I praise God for each one of you! We are so very thankful too.

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I am the husband of my wife Amy for the 15+ years. Thankful to be a father to several wonderful children and humbly trying to live my life to glorify Christ as my Lord and Savior.
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