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Feb 2, 2019 – Radiation Treatments

This week was crazy week! There really is nothing else to call it. The week started off good, but quickly got crazy.

This is how about I feel right now

Our middle child got sick and I ended up taking her to the ER and spending half of the day there with her. Thankfully, there was nothing major, just a bad stomach bug that causes severe pain.

Then our wood stove died yesterday at 4:30pm. I had to make a mad dash to the parts store 45 min away before they close to get new parts, then rip the stove apart so we have heat for the night.

Amy’s treatments went really well this week. She is up and doing more around the house and is in good spirits. The first treatment was on Thursday. That one was a little longer because it was the first treatment. We had a surprise visit on our way in from a good friend. It was so good to see her and have her pray with Amy before she went in for her treatments.

Today was much faster, we spend more time in the car than we did at the hospital today. The radiation treatment itself was only about 15 to 20 min, then we were on our way back to the parking garage.

Amy felt up to it today and surprised me with cutting my hair today. So, I’ll explain, for the past 20 years my wife has cut my hair. She used to be a hair stylist a long time ago and has cut my hair. I have grown so used to her cutting my hair, that I don’t want anyone else to cut it. So, I made a silly promise that I wouldn’t get it cut until she was better and she could cut it. But I haven’t said anything about it, then today she surprised me by saying, let’s cut your hair. So very thankful for my wife and all that she does.

She is a little more like herself this week than even the week before. I know that this may be temporary as the effects of the radiation have not hit her yet and won’t really until she gets a week or two into the treatments.

She’s in great spirits and I am thankful for all that she is and all that she does when she can. It is a huge adjustment in life, but she is taking it coping well.

I think that this week, it finally hit me all that I have been doing with the kids, the house and everything else. The last two days, I have been so tired I feel like I could sleep for a week. But I’ll be okay. The weekend is here and we can relax a little bit now. Grandma is here also, so the kids will have a great time with grandma too!

I attached a photo of Dartmouth hospital. I remember the year they built this facility. Now many years later, I see it every day and have gotten to know the halls very well.

Life is to short that is for sure. Go love the people around you! They are here today, but in a blink of an eye they could be gone. Life is not about money, cars, houses, toys or possessions. It’s about loving God and loving others! Sorry, to tired to shoot a video tonight.

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I am the husband of my wife Amy for the 15+ years. Thankful to be a father to several wonderful children and humbly trying to live my life to glorify Christ as my Lord and Savior.
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