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Archive for February 2019

Feb 21: Almost A Week Into Treatments

We are almost a week into my wife’s treatments. I praise God that they are going well. Amy is tired a little more after her treatments now. The drive to and from the hospital is what takes longer each day than the actual treatments. The ladies on the oncology team that greets Amy every day…

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Feb 17, 2019: What Are You Walking Through?

What are you walking through? I write this because we just don’t know what people are walking through in life when we interact with them. It may seem like someone is unkind, impatient or a host of other things on the surface, but we just don’t know what they are walking through. The other day,…

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Feb 8, 2019: Kids In School

Week number two with kids in school down. I had this novel idea when the kids were in school that I would be getter more done at home and at work. Well, that ship sailed and it’s just not the case. That’s okay, God is sovereign and it is all working out. This week has…

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Feb 2, 2019 – Radiation Treatments

This week was crazy week! There really is nothing else to call it. The week started off good, but quickly got crazy. Our middle child got sick and I ended up taking her to the ER and spending half of the day there with her. Thankfully, there was nothing major, just a bad stomach bug…

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Feb 2, 2019: Today Was Another Good Day

Today was a good day. Amy is doing so much better. We had a good visit with the radiology doctor this week. She has gained some weight which is much needed to start treatments. I praise God for that. She is doing well with the gaining her strength back. It is hard to believe that…

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